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  • Datum: 15 Jan 2015
  • Contact: Rick Sloot - Operational Director
  • Telefoon: +31 10 89 00 070

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Battlefield Hardline game servers hosted by
Nederland - Thursday, January 15, 2015

We are happy to announce that will be hosting Battlefield Hardline, the newest release in the Battlefield series. As premium game server provider for EA’s Battlefield series, is privileged to offer Battlefield Hardline game servers worldwide, with pre-orders starting today. If you’ll pre-order your Battlefield Hardline game server at, you’ll receive a 15% discount.
Pre-order your Battlefield Hardline game server now at

During the pre-order period, Battlefield Hardline public game servers are available from €0.72 per slot with a payment period of 1 month. If you prefer a longer payment term, the servers are available from €0.50 per slot. offers servers from 10 up to 70 slots in total, from which 64 are player slots, 2 are dedicated commander slots and 4 are spectator slots. Features:
- Direct fiber connection to EA backend service Blaze
- Battlefield Hardline Live Control
- ProCon support
- Worldwide coverage and best pricing

Battlefield Hardline Live Control
All Battlefield Hardline game servers come with’s own Battlefield Hardline Live Control. This control panel comes exclusively with’s Battlefield game servers and allows players to change their game server settings instantly. Players can for example create and change their map rotation, kick other players and change game server settings, and that all within a sophisticated and easy to use environment. Live control is browser based accessible from any (mobile) device.’s direct fiber connection to EA’s Blaze is the only game server provider worldwide with a dedicated fiber connection to EA’s Blaze backend. We have two fibers from Washington DC to Europe and two fibers from Europe to Blaze. Our network spans 24,000 KM of fiber from the US to Europe and connects our major hosting locations with the largest ISPs (lowest latency, highest uptime) and directly to Blaze. Every Battlefield Hardline game server and player connects to Blaze. Our dedicated connection guarantees supreme uptime and availability of your Battlefield Hardline game server.

Pre-order availability
The pre-order package is available until March 16th, the day before the official launch. The Battlefield Hardline game servers will be online March 16th. This allows you to do server configurations, map cycles, server naming, favorites configurations and admin setups before the game launches. To complete your Battlefield Hardline experience, offers Teamspeak 3, Ventrilo and Mumble voice servers.

Battlefield Hardline is a trademark of EA Digital Illusions CE AB. is authorized by EA Inc. to use the "Official Battlefield Hardline Trusted Server Provider" phrase.

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