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  • Datum: 12 Jan 2015
  • Contact: Rick Sloot - Operational Director
  • Telefoon: +31 10 89 00 070

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Pers upgrades AMS-IX, LINX, adds Level 3 Communications in Sao Paulo, DTAG
Nederland - Monday, January 12, 2015 performed a major network capacity upgrade in the past months, to prepare for increased network-wide bandwidth levels.

New connectivity: Level 3 Communications in Sao Paulo and Sydney
Multiple new connections have been made to Level3 in Sao Paulo, Brasil and to Level 3 Communications in Sydney, Australia. Level 3 Communications is the largest tier 1 network provider and delivers IP transit to the network.

New provider: DTAG
Multiple new connections have been made to Deutsche Telekom (DTAG) in Amsterdam and Frankfurt. connects to the DTAG tier 1 network in multiple locations to offer the best connectivity to German end-users on the Deutsche Telekom network. 

Upgraded connectivity: AMS-IX, LINX upgraded the Amsterdam-based AMS-IX connection to 40 Gbit/s, the London-based LINX connection to 20 Gbit/s.

The number of private peering connections in Amsterdam has grown after the installation of a DWDM equipment from MRV to connect to our new dark fibers in between Amsterdam and Rotterdam SmartDC. offers 10 gigabit MPLS and 10 gigabit waves between Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Upgraded MPLS networks:
To support the increased traffic we have also added additional 10 Gbit/s connections between our datacenter SmartDC in Rotterdam, to Amsterdam. 

With connectivity on the AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, NL-ix, PLIX, TPIX, PTT Sao Paulo, IX Australia, Any2 exchange and LINX Washington DC, is connected to the largest internet exchanges in the world. uses these connections to create a more reliable, direct, low latency connection to major cable/DSL/dialup ISPs, as well as content providers. network capacity:
Our network now offers a maximum capacity of 374 gigabit. We operate numerous fibers between our datacenter locations to handle all network traffic between our own datacenter facilities world wide.

A complete listing of all connected networks is available on

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