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  • Categorie: News
  • Datum: 25 Apr 2017
  • Contact: Rick Sloot - Operational Director
  • Telefoon: +31 10 89 00 070


The news room covers corporate news and notifications to our customers.

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DHPA Inspirational session at Circle of Sales
Nederland - Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Selling naturally!

Our collective thoughts about sales have become increasingly negative. It has to do with deeply rooted beliefs that sales and making money is often at the expense of the other. If one wins, the other loses...

But well considered selling is the keyword in almost everything we do, business and private. Everything is communication and communication is selling. We communicate all day and so we are all salespersons!

In the inspirational (Dutch) presentation Selling naturally! Jeroen Gort introduces the Circle of Sales, an innovative communication (and thus selling) strategy that anyone can learn to apply. Make sales your second nature and let universal laws of nature work for you. Selling becomes synonym for value creation from connection. Connect with your business concept, connect with yourself, connect to the other. After this presentation, you've learned the first steps to achieve your goals in a more natural, more effective and more effortless way!

Program May 2nd 2017
15:00 uur - Welcome by Ruud Alaerds, DHPA
15:15 uur - Jeroen Gort, de Circle of Sales
16:00 uur - Break
16:15 uur - Jeroen Gort, de Circle of Sales
17:00 uur - Drinks

Participation is free, sign up through this link. 


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08 Jan 2018